IAIK Document Security Bundle Advanced (Evaluation Version)



This Toolkit bundles everything you need for creating commonly accepted and legally valid electronic signatures

Single developer license. Includes JCE, S/MIME-CMS, TSP, [CP]AdES, XSECT, XAdES and PKCS11-Provider.


Newest Release

Christmas Release

This year the Christmas release brings new versions of our CMS-S/MIME toolkit and our core crypto libraries IAIK-JCE and IAIK-ECCelerate™. IAIK CMS-S/MIME now implements version 4 of the S/MIME protocol, adds ChaCha20-Poly1305 support for Authenticated Encryption, and curve25519 and curve448 support for digital signing and key agreement (Ed25519, Ed448 and X25519, X448, respectively). IAIK-JCE and […]

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