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IAIK & SIC - Two strong partners in the
field of Cryptography and Java™ Security


Institute of Applied Information Processing and Communications – IAIK

The Institute of Applied Information Processing and Communications (IAIK) is the largest university institute in Austria for research and education in security and privacy. IAIK is one of the leading research institutions in cybersecurity and active in the areas of Cryptology & Privacy, Formal Methods, System Security and Secure Applications.

Cryptography for the Java™ platform is one of the core activities at IAIK/SIC. Already in 1997 we have released the initial versions of IAIK-JCE and iSaSiLk as two of the first crypto libraries for the Java™ platform that have ever been available. Since then we have continuously maintained, enhanced and extended our crypto toolkit suite for the Java™ platform. Today IAIK/SIC crypto software is an important part of many cryptographic applications and projects all around the world. Our partner, Stiftung SIC, is responsible for all sales of these products.


Stiftung Secure Information & Communication Technologies – SIC

The Institute for Applied Information Processing and Communication (IAIK) of the Graz University of Technology has established the “Stiftung Secure Information and Communication Technologies” (SIC) to encourage independent scientific research.

With our long reputation as a pioneer in security software development, we provide a comprehensive set of crypto products for the Java™ platform that helps you make your environment and applications more secure. While we focus on the areas of eID, eSignatures and PKI where we are also involved in standardisation activities, our implementations cover underlying crypto, from AES via elliptic curves to post-quantum methods up to protocols like TLS, CMS or S/MIME, or long term signature formates like CAdES, PAdES, XAdES and JAdES.

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