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IAIK-JCE 5.52 and iSaSiLk 5.2 released!


The new versions of IAIK-JCE and iSaSiLk follow up the recently released new version of IAIK-ECCelerateTM (5.0). IAIK-JCE 5.52 brings some fixes and additions, and iSaSiLk 5.2 adds support for x25519 and x448 ECDHE key exchange and EdDSA signing using Curve25519 and Curve448. Furthermore iSaSiLk now supports RSA-PSS signatures.

ECCelerate 5.0 released!


We proudly present a new maintenance release of our IAIK ECCelerate™ elliptic curve library! Version 5.0 adds support EdDSA using Curve25519 and Curve448, ECDH using X25519 and X448, and RFC6979. IAIK ECCelerate™ is based on Java 6 technology and has been thoroughly optimized for speed. Currently, it supports ECDSA, EdDSA, ECDH, X25519/448, ECIES and optionally ECMQV.


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The Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1), defined by the ISO standard ISO 8824/ITU X.208, specifies a language for describing data structures in an abstract and platform independent manner. IAIK-JCE supports all essential basic - simple and constructed - ASN.1 types:

  • NULL
  • SET
  • SET OF
  • UTCTime
  • GeneralizedTime
  • all essential String types

IAIK-JCE provides the functionality for properly handling private, context-specific and application dependent types, as well as the pre-defined standard types.

Several en/decoding utilities support mechanisms for DER, Base64, and PEM en/decoding ASN.1 structures that may be implemented as Java™ classes.  For avoiding memory problems ASN.1 structures may be written or parsed to/from their encodings in stream based manner. 

IAK-JCE includes a library of pre-built ASN.1 structures to be used for application protocols like  PKCS or X.509


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