The IAIK Provider for the Java™ Cryptography Extension (IAIK-JCE) is a set of APIs and implementations of cryptographic functionality, including hash functions, message authentication codes, symmetric, asymmetric, stream, and block encryption, key and certificate management. It supplements the security functionality of the default JDK.

Main Features

  • Contains re-implementation of the whole Java™ Cryptography
    Extension (JCE) framework
  • Extensive Security Provider
  • Built-in ASN.1 library
  • Support for many PKCS standards
  • X.509 certificate and CRL handling for building PKI solutions
  • Ldap Certificate/Crl Search utilities
  • Secure Random number generators

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Pricing and Licensing

For current prices of IAIK-JCE, please see our price list and license conditions. IAIK-JCE is free for educational and research purposes, please see our educational/research license conditions.

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