IAIK XML Security Toolkit (XSECT) implements the upcoming APIs for the Java™ platform

XML Digital Signatures APIs for the Java™ platform
XML Digtial Encryption APIs for the Java™ platform

as specified by the Java™ Specification Request JSR#105 and JSR#106 respectively.

Main Features

XSECT enables Java™ developers to easily integrate the processing of XML Signatures according to the joint IETF/W3C recommendation XML-Signature Syntax and Processing (XMLDSig)  (12 February 2002) and XML Encryption according to the W3C recommendation XML Encryption Syntax and Processing (XMLEnc)  (10 December 2002) into their applications.

The IAIK XML Security Toolkit (XSECT) is the successor of the IAIK XML Signature Library (IXSIL).

XSECT implements the XML Digital Signature APIs for the Java™ platform and XML DigitalEncryption APIs for the Java™ platform as defined in the Java™ Specification Request 105  and >Java™ Specification Request 106, respectively.

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