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Re: [iaik-ssl]cu|| Broken Applet support (iaik/security/ssl/SecurityProvider.properties)

I should add that it runs OK in appletviewer on RH7.3 using JRE-1.4.1. 
Have  not tried on Windows.

It runs OK as an Applet in Mozilla 6.x with a JRE-1.4.1 Java plugin.

Likewise it runs OK as an Application on RH7.3 and Win2000 (JRE-1.4.1).

It does *not* work in the latest Explorer version on Win2000 though (IE
has an built-in Java 1.1.4 engine). It just hangs.


Joakim G. wrote:
> I am evaluating the IAIK Applet SSL support and I have a few questions:
> 1. This construct hangs for me:
>    SSLClientContext context = new SSLClientContext();
>    The browser tries to fetch 
> /iaik/security/ssl/SecurityProvider.properties.
>    This file is not in the iaik_jce_full_ssl_ae.jar file. I'm clueless.
> 2. The combined iaik_jce_full_ssl_ae.jar is not available on the download
>    page.
> 3. iaik_jce_full_ssl_ae.jar is so darn big! The light version is not an
>    alternative because the server's public key has to be built into an
>    Applet using the light versions of the libraries.
> Btw. My Applet is signed.
> Thanks
> /Jocke

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