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[iaik-ssl]cu|| [iaik ssl]SSLSocket timeout doesn't work

--- Recibido de   BBVINFOR.D350MLY 91-5375741                02-10-02 09.04


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I'm working with isasilk 3.04 and I have a problem with timeout of
I'm trying to use the "setSoTimeout" method of an SSLSocket. And I want to
return an error message to my main program if the timeout arrives. I use a
value of 1 millisecond, because I want to force the timeout.
I have read in the "isasilk" javadoc that when timeout arrives, throws an
exception "SocketException"

This is my code:
URL u  = new URL(null,
_TPV_URL), new iaik.protocol.https.Handler());
con = (HttpsURLConnection) u.openConnection();
SSLSocket socket_conexion = con.getSSLSocket();
out = con.getOutputStream();
in = con.getInputStream();

Writer wout = new OutputStreamWriter(out);
BufferedWriter bw = new BufferedWriter(wout);

byte[] mensaje = new byte[in.available()];

But timeout is never reached. The server allways responds me even if I put
one millisecond as timeout.

Do you know something about this?
Any help would be apreciated.

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