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WG: [iaik-ssl]cu|| SSLTransport and iSaSiLk ME

>Hi all!

>I'm using iSaSiLk ME to establish an SSL connection between an applet
>and a servlet. Currently, I'm using the SSLTransport class, with 

>SSLTransport(String host, int port, SSLContext context)

>However, the actual URL for my servlet is
>https://server.company.com:1111/Servlet , and the constructor for 
>SSLTransport seems to only work with host = server.company.com.

>How do I configure the SSLTransport so that it will go to the directory

>Thanks in advance for your help.

>With kind regards,

>Lasse Badlund


you are only opening a socket connection to the server 
via SSLTransport(String host, int port, SSLContext context); All further
communications has to be done by the 
so for e.g. if you want to read a specific page you have 

you have to:
open socket coonection
	socket = SSLTransport(String host, int port, SSLContext
context); start the handshake
fetch the in- and output streams from the socket 
    PrintWriter writer = new
    BufferedReader reader = new
..and send your HTTP requests (with the desired directory or file ) over
that stream.

    writer.println("GET /directory/file HTTP/1.0");

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