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[iaik-ssl]cu|| JacORB and IAIK qualification.

Does JacORB and IAIK meet the following qualifications?  I must meet these
in order to implement a SSL CORBA client with a 3rd party CORBA server:

Peer Entity Authentication
	An exchange of Digital Certificates shall take place whenever a
	connection is established between SBC and the local wholesale
	customer. The SSL3 mechanisms shall be utilized for this function.
	The Digital Certificates must have been issued by a mutually trusted
	certificate authority and must follow the X.509 standard. The RSA
	algorithm will be used to authenticate certificates. SBC utilizes
	for their Digital Certification. Other recommended Certificate
	include GTETrust, Entrust and Thawte.
Message Privacy
	Inquiries will be protected for privacy using the SSL3, DES-CBC
	algorithm. The RSA algorithm will be used for symmetric key
Message Integrity
	Inquires will be protected for integrity using the Secure Hash 1


Jim Stickley
Birch Telecom
office: (816) 300-6743
mobile: (816) 213-4878

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