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[iaik-ssl]cu|| no common ciphersuite exception


            My Company  is currently  testing the   integration of
JacORB 1.3.3  including  SaSiLk (IAIK-SSL) to
             a lightweight application server(AS). This AS   is running
on pocket PC(i.e iPaq).

            For testing I proceed testing the ORB alone with and without
SSL. Everything worked fine.
            Next I tested  some application and I worked fine too.

            The problem is with only one application that  is kind an
            Consequently the client and the server are running in the
same device.
            Communication to  many other same configured devices.

            At one point I am getting an exception coming from SaSiLk
about  " no common cipher suite".
            an the communication is broken.

            Basically I created the simplest  possible certificate just
for testing purposes. Based on
            chapter 9 of Jacorb Programming User Guide.

            I wonder if certificates needs to be create in certain way
for supporting this king ao application.

            Thanks in advance.



  Jose Delgado


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