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[iaik-ssl]cu|| W3C Jigsaw HttpBasicServer tries 3 times to contact server beforetimeout

Hi there,

using the IAIK iSaSiLk 3.04 classes I have troube with the default
implementation of org.w3c.www.protocol.http.HttpBasicServer. It tries to
contact the server with the configured timeout three times. In my
application it has to try it once. By looking at the source code I found the
number of retries hardcoded.

I tried to change the number of retries in the code without success as the
code of HttpBasicServer has differences between die IAIK version and the W3C
version. I got the souce code from http://jigsaw.w3.org/.

Now I would like to have the source-code of HttpBasicServer as it is used in
the IAIK version, so I can change the number of retries in there. Would it
be possible to get the source-code?

Thanks in advance,

Jens Warnken

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