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[iaik-ssl]cu|| IAIK and Corba/VisiBroker

I use JDK 1.3.1 with VisiBroker 4.5/Security Service 4.5. I use IAIK as
a JCE-Service-Provider, and manage my certificates/keys/keystores with
the IAIK API. (Non-SSL-)Corba applications as well as the SSL-Example in
the Security-Documentation (with Sun as provider) work well. 

In order to get the correct byte-arrays for the setPKprincipal()-method
in my applications, I use the static methods 

String iaik.utils.Util.toPemString(PrivateKey key)
String iaik.utils.Util.toPemString(Certificate certificate)

Both returned Strings look OK. I call getBytes() to get the byte-arrays,
exactly as in the example. When I call setPKprincipal(), the pem-coded
certificate is read correctly, but the pem-coded key is not: I get a
org.omg.CORBA.BAD_PARAM: minor code: 9002 Exception, which means "There
is an error parsing the key". 

The questions are:

a) Is String iaik.utils.Util.toPemString(PrivateKey key) not working 
   correctly or ...
b) is setPKprincipal(...) not working correctly???

As the example works well with the SUN-Provider, it looks like the error
is with AIAK. But does anybody know a way to produce the correct
pem-coded-byte-arrays (for the keys and certificates) with just using
the SUN-implementation (I want to use some kind of keystore, and not
hardcoded strings as in the example). I could not even find a way to
convert a Certificate in a pem-coded-string ...

Thanks a lot in advance
Olli C.
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