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[iaik-ssl] Question regaing S/MIME Mapper

I hope this is the right place but I have a problem when requesting a
generated certificate through S/MIME Mapper.  The key is created correctly,
but when put through to our CA (verisign) the created file request.txt keeps
being rejected because the Organisation details are missing.  Has anyone
come across this problem before or am I asking for the wrong type of
certificate?  I have tried both digital certificate request which doesnt
give the option to give a .csr file and also SSL server request which does
give me the option to include the contents of the request.txt file, but then
it fails are returns the error message about Organisation details being

Can anyone help???
Steve Strange
Internet Administrator
MAM Software Ltd
Tel: 01929 550922
Fax: 01929 550933
EM: SteveS@mamsoft.co.uk

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