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[iaik-ssl] Problem reading HTTP headers via getHeaderField(int) and getHeaderFieldKey(int)

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I'm using IAIK JCE 2.6 and iSaSiLk 3.01. I'd like to read all the HTTP
headers returned by my Web server (MS IIS 4.0) when requesting a URL via
HTTPS from my Java application. I don't know the header names in advance
of reading them, so the APIs that are exactly right for this job are

  java.net.URLConnection.getHeaderField(int n) and
  java.net.URLConnection.getHeaderFieldKey(int n)

getHeaderField(n) should return a String containing the value of the
n'th header field in the Web server's HTTP response, and
getHeaderFieldKey(n) should return a String containing the corresponding
header field's key (name). My plan was that by incrementing n in a loop,
starting at 0, I could retrieve each HTTP response header in turn. When
the APIs returned null values, I'd stop, having got them all.

Using the standard JDK 1.2.2 classes with a java.net.URLConnection
object and an HTTP URL, this technique indeed works just fine. The only
slight oddity is that when n=0, getHeaderFieldKey(0) returns null, and
getHeaderField(0) returns the HTTP status line (eg, "HTTP/1.1 200 OK") -
but that's OK, and it's what you might expect if the HTTP status line is
just being treated as the zeroth header (as it's the first line sent
back by the server).

However, when I use the IAIK classes to create an HTTPS URL, and get an
iaik.protocol.https.HttpsURLConnection object from it, these API calls
always return null. HttpsURLConnection inherits both these APIs from
overrides in org.w3c.www.protocol.http.HttpURLConnection, so is this
problem really a problem with the w3c class?

My Java application is a standalone program, by the way, and not an
applet. Everything else in it seems to work fine with HTTPS URLs, apart
from getting the headers. As there doesn't seem to be any other way of
getting the headers (unless you know all their names in advance, which I
don't) I'm a bit stuck. So I'd be very grateful for any ideas or

Chris Clark

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