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[iaik-ssl] SSLClient Demo doesn't work: Exception during handshake

A secure Hello to this list,

I am currently evaluating SSL implementations written in Java and
got stuck with the IAIK SSL package: the demo class SSLClient doesn't work.
Wenn trying to connect to VeriSign.com on port 443 the execution
fails with these debug messages:

Quick-starting random number generator (not for use in production
Connecting to www.verisign.com:443...
TCP connection established
ssl_debug(1): Starting handshake (iSaSiLk 3.03 Evaluation Version)...
ssl_debug(1): Sending v3 client_hello message, requesting version 3.1...
ssl_debug(1): Received alert message: Alert Fatal: handshake failure
ssl_debug(1): SSLException while handshaking: Peer sent alert: Alert Fatal:
handshake failure
ssl_debug(1): Shutting down SSL layer...
An exception occured:
iaik.security.ssl.SSLException: Peer sent alert: Alert Fatal: handshake
        at iaik.security.ssl.r.f(Unknown Source)
        at iaik.security.ssl.x.b(Unknown Source)
        at iaik.security.ssl.x.a(Unknown Source)
        at iaik.security.ssl.r.d(Unknown Source)
        at iaik.security.ssl.SSLTransport.startHandshake(Unknown Source)
        at iaik.security.ssl.SSLSocket.startHandshake(Unknown Source)
        at demo.basic.MySSLClient.connect(MySSLClient.java:145)
        at demo.basic.MySSLClient.main(MySSLClient.java:231)
ssl_debug(1): Closing transport...

Any hints how to interpret this "interesting" information?
How can one tell what went wrong by reading this?

BTW: It's no problem at all to connect via an Sun JDK 1.4beta3 JSSE

Any hints are highly appreciated!


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