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[iaik-ssl] Data Format of OCSP Request

Hello all,
I need a little help here.Is there any tupical format in which the OCSP 
client sends data to OCSPServer ? i mean to say that when OCSP client sends 
data to OCSP server, are there any required headers etc attached with it and 
the OCSP server has to take care of that or it is simply DER or PEM format ? 
what if the data is in Non-printable characters ?
i explain the whole scenario here. I am using Desktop Validator from 
Valicert to test my OCSP responder. When i receive data at Responder side 
using InputStream, and try to convert it to OCSPRequest class object, it 
gives error as Array Index Out Of Bound ... and if i try to print the data 
received, it is non-printable funny characters. I don't uderstand this 
format ... any help ???

Cheers and Have a Good Time
Nauman Ahmad Khan

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