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[iaik-ssl] IAIK jsse 2.6.1, iSaSiLk 4.0 beta 1


we're in the early implementation stage of an e-procurement application
over here in Germany and are strongly interested in IAIK products. We
already have downoaded iaik-jce 2.6.1 and iSaSiLk 3.0.3; a jsse-compliant
interface could be useful for us, too. Now I've got some further questions
(primarily to the IAIK people):

1. IAIK offers a dowload for "IAIK jsse 2.6.1" on its evaluation download
page. Is this identical with iSaSiLk 4.0 beta 1?

2. If so, is there a production release scheduled for iSaSiLk 4.0 yet? When
will it be available?

3. I presume Sun's jsse 1.0.1 serves as a connector, while iaik_jsse is the
provider for it; that's why jsse 1.0.1 is required. Is this true?

4. Do you have any plans to get rid of the jsse domestic version
requirement? Is the usage of iaik_jsse, due to its link to the domestic
version of jsse, really restricted to US people/companies?

Thank you for your time and help,
S. Knopp
CSC Ploenzke AG
Bonn, Germany.

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