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[iaik-ssl] Jigsaw-SSL2.0.1beta


I have some problems with my Jigsaw-SSL 2.0.1beta,i
tested it with ie5.0 and netscape4.7 but connection 
is always refused(even, with client-authentication
proprety to false, nothing happens).

after debuging, i realized that the "SSLCertificate"
object which is passed to "JigsawServerTrustVerifier"
class is always EMPTY, Even though my browser has a
trusted certificate(came from the same CA ).

after that I realized that the "ServerTrustVerifier"
and "SSLCertificate" classes are DEPRECATED, 
is that the reason? or, there is a conflict with my
IAIK libs(iaik-jce 2.61 and iSaSiLk 3) 


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