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[iaik-ssl] [iaik-jce] KeyManager::chooseClientAlias Fails (SSL, Client Certificates)

I use SUNs JSSE to establish an SSL connection. 

I replaced the standard SUN key store with the IAIKKeyStore key store 

	ks = KeyStore.getInstance("IAIKKeyStore", "IAIK");

I use SUNs standard key manager

	kmf = KeyManagerFactory.getInstance("SunX509");

When the server sends the list of acceptable CAs to the client for the
client to choose a certificate to be sent back to the server, the method 

	public String chooseClientAlias(String keyType, Principal[] issuers)

of the key manager is called. Both keyType (RSA) and the list of principals
looks fine, but the method always returns NULL.

The client certificate in the key store, though, is fine, because if I force
a specific client certificate to be used by explicitly returning the alias
of that certificate in chooseClientAlias, the SSL hand shake is completed

(1) how can I use SUNs standard key manager with the IAIKKeyStore key store?
(2) and if that does not work, does IAIK have a replacement key manager that
does work with the IAIKKeyStore key store?


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