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[iaik-ssl] Third party provider with isasilk


I'm developping an SSL Server to be used for a particular purpose. In
that server I want to use iaik-jce and isasilk but i also want to use my
own provider. The problem is that I always have iaik provider doing all
ciphers instead of my own. In the begining of the application I've
registred my provider as the first one to be used. I really need my
provider to perform some particular operations such as RSA cipher and
Signature, MD5 digests, SHA digests, and some others.

Is there a way for me to make isasilk just use iaik mthods that are not
available from my provider, or does it always use iaik for some
purposes, regardless of the provider registration order?


Jose Carlos
JosÚ Carlos dos Santos Danado      jose.danado@isp.novis.pt
Novis - ISP - Trusted Services     http://www.novis.pt
Praša Duque de Saldanha, 1 - 7║    Tel: +351 2 1010 43 06
1050-094 Lisboa - Portugal
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