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[iaik-ssl] [Cont: Problem with ExtractKeys]

Alex Ratner wrote:

> Hi,
> Some time ago Andrew Roughan had a problem using iSaSiLk_light.
> When running ExtractKeys tool, he got an exception:
> >A problem occured: Error decoding Certificate: PublicKey algorithm not
> >implemented: rsaEncryption
> Now I have exactly the same trouble.
> Unfortunately, Andrew's email address is invalid, so I am asking
> the whole mailing list. Maybe, even Andrew himself will read this
> and help me.
> Andrew solved this problem by installing rsa and rc4 jar files. What are
> they and where can I get them?

OK, I downloaded file rsa_rc4.jar from
added it to CLASSPATH, but still get the same exception.
What is wrong now?

Best regards,
Alex Ratner

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