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Re: [iaik-ssl] newbie question on SSL + applet

Hi Paul,

    It depends on ur specific requirement.

    U have 2 options -
1) Don't use the SSLSocket or any SSL implementation classes. The browser/plugin will take care of the HttpsURLConnection object returned.
    The problem with this is it allows u to do only 2 HTTP requests namely - GET and POST. If u r ok with that, then u can gladly skip the SSL coding stuff.
2) If u need to send requests other than or more than GET and POST, then u will need a SSL implementation. There are commercial implementations     available as well as Sun has come out with JSSE(which from my personal experience is not at all stable enough for producton use !!). Plus, if u have a SSL implementation u have more control over ur applet's SSL connections like selecting the cipher suite, maintaining caches etc etc

    In other words, if u r using any functions which are there in the class HttpURLConnection but NOT in URLConnection, then handling HTTPS connections will require a SSL implementation. Else, the browser will take care !!

    So. it is upto the requirements of ur program that u should decide what suits u most :-)

All the best,

Paul Brown wrote:

 hii have got an applet (running in IE5) which attempts to make a socket connection back to its host.we want to start using SSL. do i need to use the SSLSocket class in the applet or will the browserhandle the SSL stuff for me due to the applet's URL being "https" prefixed? can i get away with theplain java.net.Socket ?thanksPaul


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