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[iaik-ssl] Both iSaSiLk 3.01 and 3.02 Applet Editions have been packaged incorrectly

I have tried using both version 3.01 and 3.02 Applet editions of iSaSiLk
and have found that a number of classes that should be able to be
subclassed, such as ChainVerifier or DefaultSecurityManager have been
incorrectly obfuscated, causing the method/field names that are published
in the JavaDoc to be renamed to a, b, c  etc.

It seems that version 3.02 is worse as my class browser in my IDE (Forte
for java) does not list any methods or fields for the ChainVerifier class.

Due to these issues, it is almost impossible to implement my own
ChainVerifier or SecurityManager implementation.

I have sent this email to the mailing list so others do not waste as much
time as I have trying to work out what is wrong.

I suggest you look into the rules that your obfuscation program uses.
Public and Protected fields/methods that are in the JavaDoc should not be

I hope a fixed version will be out soon??


John Sisson

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