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[iaik-ssl] IIS5.0, Certificate Authority and IAIK

its is my intention to use the IAIK light weight secure sockets classes in an applet.
however, so far i cannot even retrieve secured web pages into a browser...
i have rigorously followed the IIS5.0/Certificate Authority docs to set up the SSL
stuff on the server with the assistance of our sysadmin guy who knows what he is doing.
yet i cannot retrieve pages. as soon as i reconfigure IIS not to use SSL for my site i can
retrieve pages again.
btw, if i try and retrieve a page from the secured site over "http" then i get back an error
"the page must be viewed over a secure channel", which i'd expect, i guess.
i have used Microsoft Certificate Services to make my own root CA, rather than a third
anyone had similar problems and got round them? anyone know of a step-by-step document
that may be floating around. i have had a good look but found nothing detailed enough.
if i get past this then i can start using the SSLSocket's, otherwise i'm dead in the water as i
won't be able to test anything i write.