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[iaik-ssl] Proxy Proxy and more Proxy......

Howdy folks,

A Question about Proxies and Https.....

with Http (Not https) all a proxy does is receive requests and send the
request through to the server:port  indicated in the header of the

with https I get a bit confsed. 1st there are HTTP Proxies that use
SSL-tunneling and and then there are SSL Proxies. I think I know the
diffenences but please correct me!

HTTP Proxies with SSL-tunneling:

These receive a request in the same way as HTTP proxies (with the true
address in the header) but pass the https request through to the end
server... But what about the handshaking? I do not really understand
proxy protocol but I assume all it does is place a wrapper around and
HTTP or HTTPS request at the client end, which is removed by the HTTP
proxy and passed on to the end server. The Proxy doen not know or care
about the contents (handshaking or data) and on a response, again
encapsulatesd the response with proxy protocol stuff and passes it back
to the client(?).

SSL Proxies:

These accept a HTTPS request, perform full handshaking, decode the
message and perform an SSL connection with the destination, but the
message decoding happens in the proxy and is re-encoded before sending
to the end server? Is this correct?

Then my question:
If you use HttpsSURLConnection's and you add the https.proxyhost and
https.proxyport, can I use a HTTP Proxies with SSL-tunneling to pass the
request to an end port?




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