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[iaik-ssl] speed issue...

Hi, I'm testing SSL connection using the classes you provided in your
tutorial: SSLClient and SampleClientTrustDecider.

I've measured connection time on different computers and I've found the
PC hangs for a while after writing the "send client_hello" debug message
(I turn debug flag on).

send client_hello...

[...several seconds waiting]

v3ClientHello, version: 3.0
[ok, now it goes on...]

Here's my tests:

Computer                 "hangup time"
Sun Ultra 30 296MHz:     few seconds (2, 3)
PII 350MHz:              55 sec.
Pentium MMX 233MHz:      ~200 sec.

I guess this "hangup time" is due to some master secret generation and
involves random numbers. That's why it's so cpu-power dependent. 

Unfortunatly PC times are too high for my purpose... do you have any
clue to speed up this phase? I can't keep users waiting for more than
three minutes, expecially when netscape connects faster... :(

Thank you for your help

Riccardo Conturbia
Politecnico di Torino
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