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[iaik-ssl] ibutton and SSL

Hello, I'm trying to develope an ssl client server application based on Java iButton. I think you know what an iButton is. If not, it's similar to a smartcard. I've read the html included in the package that explain how to use the smartcard, but I'm not able to apply these hints to the iButton. let's me explain what my iButton actualy does. It takes data from the client, it performs an RSA signature and return the signed data. It also pass its certificate to the client. Now I'd like to know how can I use this two things to implements my application (where can I insert these two steps during the C/S communication).
I think that when the client has to send data to the server over a secure connection, it performs the handshake passing the iButton certificate to the server and receiving the server certificate; then it has to pass data to the iButton that perform the signature with it's private key returning the signed data. Now the client encrypt the signed data with the server's public key.
Thank you for your help.
Fabrizio Lamberti