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[iaik-jce] SMimeBodyPart problem


I am using this constructor.
SMimeBodyPart(javax.mail.internet.InternetHeaders headers, byte[] content);
The problem is whole bytes of 'content' are gone after call constructor
but it can return right size of the 'content' when use function getSize().
Please help with some example or some explain. Thank you.

Tataroz T.

This is a part of my code :

Object o = myBodyPart.getContent();
if(o instanceof InputStream) {
   InputStream is = (InputStream)o;
   int size = myBodyPart.getSize();
   byte[] buf = new byte[size];
   int buf_size = is.read(buf);

   MimeBodyPart sbp = new SMimeBodyPart(myInternetHeader,buf);
   int sbp_size = sbp.getSize();
   System.out.println("** sbp_size = "+sbp_size);// print 295 (actual file
   is = sbp.getInputStream();
   buf_size = is.read(buf);
   System.out.println("** buf_size = "+buf_size);// print -1 WHY?

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