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[iaik-jce] urgent request from korea


I'm Seungheon Yang from korea 

I work in System Development Team of our company Cymon Inc.

We(I and our company) want to know your program "isasilk"

We heard your program is very famous

We want to encrypt data from our client and keep from the data sniffing from cracker
and we want to insert the data into the our D/B server with encryption

We are using the programs listed below on our web server

LINUX 6.2(RedHat)
APACHE1.3.14(OR 1.3.17) - in DSO
JDK1.2.2(I will upgrade to j2sdk1.3.0)

We tried to use mod_ssl2.8.0 and openssl0.9.6 with programs above

and after installation of the program I met an error like this

[warn] Loaded DSO /usr/local/jrun/connectors/apache/intel-linux/mod_jrun.so uses plain Apache 1.3 API, 
this module might crash under EAPI! (please recompile it with -DEAPI)
Apache/1.3.17 mod_ssl/2.8.0 (Pass Phrase Dialog)

We wish to test your program in our server so would you like to send information of your program
for example, this program meets our demand, do not produce error like above and price etc

And would you like to let us use your program(with limitation like period) for testing

After testing, if we get good result we have a plan to buy your program 

We want to get your response very soon

우리 인터넷, Daum
평생 쓰는 무료 E-mail 주소 한메일넷
지구촌 한글 검색서비스 Daum FIREBALL
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