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[iaik-jce] [Smartcard]Converting PKCS11Object to PrivateKey

I have the following problem using smartcards for digital signatures:

I use the IAIK-JCE toolkit for cryptographic support (e.g:create
certificates,PKCS#7 messages,S/Mime,etc) and I must use the private key from
the smartcard.

To access the smartcard I use PKCS11 for Java from IBM.

The problem actually is: the PKCS#11 library always return a PKCS11Object,
and in the case of a private key,this is an indirect reference to the key,
as seen as you cannot access the private key.
This object can be handled by the PKCS#11 library's (very basic)

On the other hand, when I need to create more complex objects, using the
IAIK toolkit (which doesn't support smartcards), I have to pass a

How could I do to make the key independent from the repository and make the
IAIK  API work as well?

Is is possible to use a "trick",a sort of cast?

Please help, because I have to implement a S/Mime message signed with a
smartcard-generated key and I'm now stuck with this.

Best Regards,
         Diego Pietralunga
         Laboratorio di Telematica per il Territorio - Parma
         E-Mail: Diego@ltt.it

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