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[iaik-jce] DES - Implementation of IAIK and IV

There is a little difference between  IAIK and  Sun in the Implementation of
in CBC - Mode:
- after a doFinal () Sun resets the IV to the value set in engineInit
- IAIK reuses the actual value of the IV

The difference becomes a problem when one single cipher - object is used to
encrypt multiple blocks of data in
CBC - mode with the same initial IV

A simple but not efficient workaround is to subclass
and to keep track of the parameters
used in engineInit. A separate boolean instance variable keeps track of
calls of
engineDoFinal(). if this varaible is set when
entering either engineDoFinal () or engineUpdate(), engineInit () is called
again to reinitilize the cipher, resulting in some
runtime overhead

My question is: will this difference be fixed or will there be any future
to reset only the IV
without reinitilizing the whole cipher ?

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