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[iaik-jce] Use of special Provider with S/MIME


my provider works now fine with all RSA Demo programs. But I have a "small"
problem with signing of S/MIME messages. If i sign a message the RSA Cipher
asks two times for user verification (PIN), because it runs the encryption
two times with the same hash information. Why is this necessary?

Btw, I use TCOS 2.0 card form Deutsche Telekom (e.g. German Digitale
Signature card).
The provider only supports RSA cipher incl. Padding. It is developed by
myself based on OCF.

Many Thanks,
Torsten Schippel

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Betreff: AW: [iaik-jce] Use of special Provider with S/MIME

> I would like to use the IAIK-S/MIME package with a Smart card as
> holder of my private key. I have already a JCE-provider with some
> signature algorithms using the card. How have I to add this
> provider and which algorithms should be implemented within this provider?
You should put this provider in front of the IAIK provider and it should
implement the algorithms you want to be used.

Btw, which smartcard do you use and was the provider delivered with the card
or did you develop it on your own?
Peter Lipp
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