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[iaik-jce] Decrease footprint of IAIK-JCE


I am working on a applet that will do some signing of user data. The
signing is done with SHA/RSA and the users private key is stored in a
PKCS#12 file. The signature is then encoded in Base64 to be sent in to
the server via HTTP.

The problem is now that the footprint of the classes that seems to be
needed to do this is very large. More exactly around 250KB, this is not
acceptable for me (modem users will have to download the applet).

What can I do to limit the number of classes needed? I created the list
of needed classes by running the applet and checked what classes was
loaded (are there any better way to do this?). Some of the loaded
classes seemed to be unnecessary for my application (some DSA-classes
for instance).

I can think of a couple of things to do:
* Switch to some other format for storing user keys (PEM?)
* Get a version of IAIK-JCE that loads the minimal amount of classes,

Has anyone done a similar thing?

Any help is appreciated!


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