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[iaik-jce] Sun Keytool and IAIK keystore - not working together

I read through the maillist and saw some previous issues with Sun's Keytool, but they didn't seem to be the same problem as what I have been seeing above.  Am I using Keytool incorrectly?
I created the keystore with the demo program (demo.keystore.SetupKeyStore) running JDK 1.2.2-006 to create c:\temp\jce.keystore then I made sure that the java.security file has IAIK as provider, and placed iaik_jce_full.jar in my jdk1.2.2\jre\lib\ext directory
I started keytool from the commandline to inspect what was placed inside the keystore by the demo:
C:\TEMP>keytool -list -keystore jce.keystore -storepass topsecret -storetype IAIKKeyStore
***                                                                       ***
***                    Welcome to the IAIK JCE Library                    ***
***                                                                       ***
*** This version of IAIK JCE is licensed for educational and research use ***
*** and evaluation only. Commercial use of this software is prohibited.   ***
*** For details please see http://jcewww.iaik.at/legal/license.htm .      ***
*** This message does not appear in the registered commercial version.    ***
***                                                                       ***
keytool error: Integrity verification failed! HMAC not valid.
C:\TEMP>keytool error: IAIKKeyStore not found
Is there an equivalent KeyTool provided by IAIK which will work with the IAIK keystore so that I can easily import a digital cert from someone like Verisign?  If not, must I do this programmatically (if so, does someone have some code samples which will show me what steps I need to take)?