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[iaik-jce] Problem with

to reduce the number of files in my classpath, I have an extensions jar file, which includes 2nd party products used with our Java application. When I unzip the provided IAIK jar file and add it's content to my extensions jar file, starting my application end up in some kind of loop, eating up to 100 MB of main memory and using nearly 100% of my CPU. The problem does not occur, when I explicitly include the IAIK jar file into the classpath statement when starting my application.
This works: java -cp appl.jar;extensions.jar;iaik_jce.jar package.myAppl
This does not work: java -cp appl.jar;extensions.jar package.myAppl where extensions.jar does include all the files found in iaik_jce.jar.
Any suggestions what to do?
Thanx in advance