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[iaik-jce] Iaik Cert Requests with other CA's


I have set up Unicert from Baltimore, and I can successfully send cert
requests using the Baltimore Toolkit.   I tried using the IAIK toolkit, but
I had problems.  On the RA, it said that it was an Invalid Cert Request.

Does anyone know if Baltimore have a different implementation of Cert
Requests, that IAIK is incompatible with?   I had problems in the past using
Baltimore JCRYPTO_X509Certificate with the X509Certificate used in the JCE,
however, if you try to verify PKCS#7 data created by netscapes
crypto.signtext(), both Baltimore and IAIK can verifiy it successfully.

Does anyone know anything about the Certificate Reques problem?

Best Regards,

Kevin Crosbie

Security Consultant
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