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[iaik-jce] solution: EOFException: SSL host closed connection

hello again.

regarding my mail
the solution is quite simple:

the winNT machine just had only 48MB of RAM
(strange persons running around in this world;)

upgrade to (at least) 128MB RAM
and this problem doesn't occure any more.

hope this helps.

to IAIK:
some more clients ask for
"minimum system requirements"

do you have any more hints (except this;) ?



Mit freundlichen Grüssen,

Tobias Demuth

com.in.to GmbH
Klosterstr. 49
40211 Düsseldorf
eMail: demuth@cominto.de
Tel:  +49 211 / 6000 166 -77
Fax:  +49 211 / 6000 166 -89

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