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[iaik-jce] ContentInfo bug

Hi Dieter,

I have been using the ContentInfo class with the SignedData class to verify
PKCS#7 syntax messages produced by Netscapes crypto.signText() function.

I needed to support IE, so I wrote a plugin to sign data using the users
certificate and the CryptoAPI.   This also passes back a PKCS#7 message, but
with only the Users certificate, not the whole cert-chain(I will be adding

My plugin uses a call to CryptSignMessage in the CryptoAPI to produce this
PKCS#7 message.

I took the output of my plugin, and passed it to my ContentInfo object as a
ByteArrayInputStream.   This works perfectly with output from
crypto.signText().   However,  with this new output, it sits indefinitely
parsing the data.  Is this a bug?

Can you tell me exactly what steps ContentInfo goes through to parse a
PKCS#7 message.   I could be missing a component from it, such as the root
certificate, a self-signed cert...

Any Ideas?

Best Regards,

Kevin Crosbie

Security Consultant
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