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RE: [iaik-jce] Help! BadPaddingException when decrypting PKCS12

Yes.  I have bundled all of the IAIK jar files into one .zip file that is in
my classpath.  When I run with JDK 1.3, my code works.  With Microsoft's VM,
the same code does not work.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: André Benvenuti [mailto:dedeben@freesurf.ch]
> Sent: Tuesday, August 29, 2000 1:08 AM
> To: iaik help desk; Paul Williams
> Subject: RE: [iaik-jce] Help! BadPaddingException when 
> decrypting PKCS12
> Hi,
> >Thanks again for your time.  Your results were very 
> interesting.  Using
> >Microsoft's VM (JDK 1.1.4, I think) I cannot parse the 
> certificates.  Using
> >Solaris JCE 1.2.1, you can.
> >
> Have you tried to put the jdk11x_update.jar in your classpath 
> when using Java 1.1?
> I attach the jar just for in case.
> Regards, André
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