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[iaik-jce] UnknownExtensions and ObjectIDs

Greetings gurus:
I am creating certificates with custom extensions, for which I must use the UnknownExtension class.  My code looks something like this:
  public m_cert = new X509Certificate();
  private void addVerificationExtension()
      OCTET_STRING extValue = new OCTET_STRING(big bag of bytes);
      V3Extension customExtension = new UnknownExtension(new ObjectID("9.45.12345.17.8",
    catch (X509ExtensionException xee)
      // some handling
The trouble is with the ObjectID that I construct inside the UnknownExtension constructor.  It works fine, but when I view the certificate produced in a .cer file, the string value for the field is different("2.29.12345.17.8" as opposed to "9.45.12345.17.8"); and if I want to retrieve the value I have to create an ObjectID with the new string value.
Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong here would be appreciated.
Aaron Haspel