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[iaik-jce] sorry folks this is a real novice problem

hi folks,
 I have run into problem parsing and formatting both issuer
and subject .Could some one help me out
what I have is issuer and subject
 subject CN=Chuck 1,OU=Golvet,O=Berras Garage,C=SE 
issuer CN=EIPS Demo CA,OU=DN/C,O=Ericsson Telecom AB,C=SE
.I would like to format it like this similiar to netscape
This Certificate belongs to:         This Certificate
was                                          issued by:

  Chuck 1                             EIPS Demo CA
  Golvet                              DN/C
  Berras Garage                       Ericsson Telecom AB   
  SE                                  SE 
thanks in advance 

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