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[iaik-jce] Problems parsing PKCS7 file in applet.


I'm using IAIK-JCE 2.6 beta1 to create a PKCS7 CertList and saving it to a
I need an applet to read this certlist from this file but I have problems
parsing the file
because I have to use the IAIK-JCE 2.51 Applet Edition to make the applet.

Are there any solution to use the PKCS7 CertList of IAIK-JCE 2.6 beta 1 and
read it
in an applet using IAIK libraries ?

I'm forced to use the IAIK-JCE 2.51 if I want to read the file in an applet

Thanx in advance,

Jacobo Matute

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