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RE: [iaik-jce] Need an asymmetric algo to sign and encrypt

Hello Michael,

>I need the implementation of an asymmetric algorithm to sign and encrypt
>data (objects).
>(RSA can only encrypt, DSA can only sign, DH can only encrypt, ...)

RSA can both.

>I want to do the following (simplified):
>A sender sends an object encrypted using the receiptents public key and
>signed using the its own private key. The receiptent should decrypt it using
>its own private key and verify the signature using the senders public key.
>Every instance (sender and receiptent) only have one(!) key-pair.

These is all possible.
>It seems not to be possible with IAIK, isn't it?
>(Why is it not possible to sign with a RSA-key?)

May be you have got the version without RSA (because is USA
IAIK should pay royaltes to RSA Inc). If you are outside the USA
just download *rsa*.jar or even iaik_jce_full.jar.

Kind Regards,

Andre Benvenuti

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