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[iaik-jce] Pb sending signed messages with certificates from an other CA


1) key creation
We have defined a CA with Microsoft Certificate Service, then created keys
certified by this CA.
The key have been built with the "export private key" option.

The key have been directly installed in IE5 by this tool.
In outlook, A sends a signed message to B.

2) storing keys into files
In order to send signed messages with SMIMESend Sample

B exports this key into a file, say APubKey.cer
B exports from IE5 its own key (including private key) into a file
B exports from IE5 its own key (excluding private key) into a file

3) running SMIMESend
the source code of SMIMESend() is removed.
In start(), getting certificates of A and B :
     recipientCertificate = new X509Certificate(new FileInputStream("C:
     signerCertificate = new X509Certificate(new FileInputStream("C:
     signerPrivateKey = (new EncryptedPrivateKeyInfo(new FileInputStream

exceptions are catched and the programs throws the exception, when getting
the private key.
    iaik.asn1.CodingException: No ASN.1 AlgorithmID type!

Any help welcome !


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