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[iaik-jce] Repost: How to read a PKCS12 File


my 1st posting was unreadable in  some Mailreaders, so here is a (hopefully)
better version:

I just created a PKCS12-File using the program demo.pkcs.pkcs12.PKCS12Create.
Now I want to read the Certificate in this file using the following lines of

public static X509Certificate readCertificate (String Filename)


  //read the certificate

  PKCS12 PKCS12_OBJECT = new PKCS12(new FileInputStream(Filename));

    // Decrypt the PKCS12-Object using the password "test"

   PKCS12_OBJECT.decrypt("test".toCharArray() );

    // Get the CertificateBags

    CertificateBag[] Cert_Bag = PKCS12_OBJECT.getCertificateBags();

  // Return the certificate

    return Cert_Bag[0].getCertificate();



When I start this method with the generated file as parameter it throws the
Exception "iaik.pkcs.PKCSException: Unable to decrypt PrivateKey!" in the

Does anyone have any idea what the reason maybe? I'm a total newbie to
java/security/iaik... so any help would be nice.

Thanks in advance.

Markus Weimer

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