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Re: [iaik-jce] Public Key in KeyStore

The setKeyEntry method only may be used for importing secret or private
keys. IAIK allows that a private key may be stored without giving the
certificate chain of the corresponding public key.
What´s the type of key you are going to import? What algorithm?

Dieter Bratko

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Subject: [iaik-jce] Public Key in KeyStore

When I want to store a Public Key in a KeyStore, other JCE providers (such
as SUN)
allow me to do this with KeyStore.setKeyEntry, either with or without a
certificate chain. Trying this with IAIK JCE 2.51 always gives me a
"java.security.KeyStoreException: Unknown private key type." exception

How do I store a Public Key in an IAIK KeyStore when I do not have (and do
not want to have) a certificate for this key?

Benne de Weger

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