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[iaik-jce] IAIK ASN1 creation error


This is my first mailing list posting, please excuse
me if this format is incorrect.

I attached a der encoded ASN1 object, it is a
CRS(Certificate Request Syntax) reply.  I tried to
instantiate an iaik.asn1.ASN1 object with the reply
data as a byte[], as well as calling the method
iaik.asn1.DerCoder.decode(byte[]).  On both tries, I
get CodingException, cascaded ASN.1 creation errors.

The der file is validly DER encoded, it begins with
the byte 0x30.  Also, I am able to use OpenSSL's
asn1parse routine to parse this der file.  With
OpenSSL, I parsed the der file and redirected the
OpenSSL DER output into a file.  The two files are of
different size.  The IAIK ASN1 class was then able to
be instantiate with the new byte[] produced byOpenSSL.

Can anyone help me parse this der file directly with
IAIK?  It is a pkcs7 type.  I'm trying to find out
more from the source about the original der file.  It
seems to be OpenSSL compatible but not IAIK.

I'd appreciate any feedback.

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