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[iaik-jce] Problems reading .pfx file written by IE5

I'm trying to implement a ClientTrustDecider, but I'm unable to read the
certificate I exported from IE5.

When I use this code (wrapped in an appropriate try/catch):

            MicrosoftP12 mp12 = new MicrosoftP12(new
            String pwd = new String("***");
            //System.out.println("verify: " +
            _privateKey = mp12.getPrivateKey();
            _cert = mp12.getCertificateChain();

I get the following output:

    Microsoft PKCS#12 object:
    Not decrypted yet!
    PKCSException:Unable to decrypt the object!

When I use this code:

            PKCS12 p12 = new PKCS12(new
            String pwd = new String("***");
            //System.out.println("verify: " +

I get this output:

    PKCS#12 object:
    Version: 3
    AuthenticatedSafe: 0

    SafeBag: 0
    Bag type: PKCS#12 pkcs8ShroudedKeyBag
    localKeyID = OCTET STRING = 4 bytes: 01:00:00:00
    friendlyName = UNIString = "9c00abd7-9b87-11d3-8669-0008c7dc970c" = UNIString = "Microsoft Base Cryptographic
Provider v1.0"

    AuthenticatedSafe: 1
    Content encrypted with: PbeWithSHAAnd40BitRC2-CBC
    No SafeBags or not decrypted yet.

AlgorithmParameters not available

In either case, executing the call to verify results in

    PKCSException:java.security.NoSuchAlgorithmException: Algorithm HMAC/SHA
not implemenated.

I am using iaik_jce_full.jar.

Output varies depending on the relative order of entrust.jar &
iaik_jce_full.jar in my classpath;  the above is the best I've got (entrust
first) & with entrust last I get a NoSuchMethodError
("iaik.pkcs.pkcs12.PKCS12: method decrypt(Ljava/lang/String;)V not found")
in MicrosoftP12.decrypt().

Any help would be gratefully received.

-- Richard
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