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[iaik-jce] SMime Mapper Test Problem

Hello !!

I've downloaded, recently, your SMime Mapper product.
I've installed it the 06 October 1999.
I've edited the smime.ini, as described in the pdf doc, in order to test it.
I've a CA certificate, a User Certificate and its private key.
I've a SMTP Server listening on
I've a POP3 Server listening on
The SMimeMapper SMTP proxy is listenning on
The SMimeMapper POP3 proxy is listenning on

My problem is:
- When I send a Mail to myself (just for test), my SMTP client returns an error: 'Not authorized ... refused."
- I've tried with a Telnet client on and it returns directly '502 You have no permission to talk.  Goodbye.' and disconnect.

What can I do ???
I've talk yesterday, by mail, with  Mr Peter Lipp and we could not make it work ... !!

Here is my smime.ini file:

# IAIK S/MIME Mapper 1.4 property file
# SMTP server host; required
iaik.smime.smtp.host =

# SMTP server port; default 25
iaik.smime.smtp.port = 26

# POP3 server host; required
iaik.smime.pop3.host =

# POP3 server port; default 110
iaik.smime.pop3.port = 111

# local IP address or DNS name to bind to for multihomed hosts
# default is all local addresses
iaik.smime.proxy.bindaddress =

# local SMTP proxy port to listen on; default 25
iaik.smime.proxy.smtp.port = 25

# local POP3 proxy port to listen on; default 110
iaik.smime.proxy.pop3.port = 110

# policy preferences for outgoin messages, format "emailaddress:cipher:sign"
# possible cipher values: "plain", "RC2/40", "RC2/64", "RC2/128", "DES", "TripleDES"
# possible values for sign: "plain", "signed"
#iaik.smime.proxy.cipher = *:TripleDES:signed
iaik.smime.proxy.cipher = *@iaik.tu-graz.ac.at:RC2/128:signed

# policy preferences for incoming messages, same format as above
# if an incoming message does not satisfy the policy a warning message will
# be displayed
iaik.smime.proxy.receive-preferences = *@iaik.tu-graz.ac.at:RC2/128:signed

# the private-key type: "MSIE", "Netscape", "PKCS#8"; required
iaik.smime.proxy.private-key.type = PKCS#8

# filename of private key; required
iaik.smime.proxy.private-key.file = certs/smimekey.p8

# password of the private key, if not specified a dialog window will appear
iaik.smime.proxy.private-key.password =

# time in minutes after which the password must be re-entered
# only applies if password is not given in this file. default -1 (forever)
iaik.smime.proxy.private-key.password.timeout = -1

# your email address, required when private-key.type is PKCS#8, ignored otherwise
iaik.smime.proxy.email = smimetest@iaik.tu-graz.ac.at

# trusted certificates, any number of user and CA certificates can be specified

# the certificate store file; optional
iaik.smime.proxy.cert-store = certs/certStore.ser

# LDAP servers to use for searching user certificates
#iaik.smime.proxy.ldap-server = *INSERT LDAP SERVER*/l=internet

# temporary directory for large emails; default current directory
#iaik.smime.proxy.temp-directory = c:\temp

# whether or not to allow SMTP/POP3 connections from hosts other than localhost
# specify either true or false; default false, should be true only for testing
iaik.smime.proxy.allow-remote-connection = true

# additional access control via the Identification protocol
# if you want to use ident, enter your username here
iaik.smime.proxy.ident-user = smimetest

# Log file for errors, default none
iaik.smime.proxy.errorlog = error.log

# format for warning messages, either HTML or ASCII (default ASCII)
iaik.smime.proxy.warning-format = HTML

# activate/ deactivate the administration server,
# allows shutdown via the shutdown.bat. default on
iaik.smime.proxy.admin-server = on

# display a dialog that allows the user to override the policy if no or no
# trusted certficate is available for the recipient of an encrypted message.
# set to false to disable/ for GUI less operation
iaik.smime.proxy.allow-override = true

# enable/disable check of the email address sent by the agent during the
# SMTP mail from command. disable if your mailer does not send your full
# email address at the SMTP level.
iaik.smime.proxy.check-smtp-from = false

Thanks for helping !!


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tel;work:01 41 43 84 66
adr:;;179/181 Avenue Charles de Gaulle;Neuilly / Seine;;92200;France
title:Ingénieur développeur
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