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Re: [iaik-jce] Implementation-Name --> AlgorithmID

The class AlgorithmID statically registeres identifiers for a lot of
commonly used algorithms. The repository maps ObjectIDs to implementation
names. You can use a constructor for registering further algorithm IDs by
binding an Object Identifier to an implementaion name. Anytime an ASN.1
object representing an algorithmID is parsed the algorithmID repository is
queried if there exists a registrated implementation name for the particular
algorithm ID to access a proper engine class. However, there is no mechanism
provided for going the reverse way and looking for ObjectIDs belonging to a
particular implementation name.

 If you know the implementation name you explicitly may query the registered
AlgorithmIDs (by reading the Javadoc or calling getImplementationName()) to
see if it already has been registered, or you may create a new AlgorithmID
for registering the implementation name through its OID. You also may search
provider aliases for algorithm object identifiers.

Dieter Bratko

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Subject: [iaik-jce] Implementation-Name --> AlgorithmID

> Hello !
> Is there a reliable way to resolve the AlgortihmID, if one only has a
> String representing a proper transformation Stirng like RSA/SHA?
> My first thaught was using the Constructor of AlgorithmID, but as I read
> the documentation I've seen, that it isn't possible that way.
> Any Suggestions?
> Stefan
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